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Issue #52 - 10/16/16

DistributedBytes: One Year Anniversary Issue! Big News!


Issue #51 - 10/09/16

Roku Lowers Barrier to Entry; Daily Mail Gets Fired Up on Alexa; Yahoo's New News App?

Issue #50 - 10/10/16

Buzzfeed's Still a Fan of the Homepage; News Gets a Boost on Instagram; World Ballet Day on FB Live; A Glimpse Into the Future of Messaging

Issue #49 - 09/25/16

Live Streaming Prez Debates; Slate: Distribution Isn't Free; TheChive Goes to Sea

Issue #48 - 09/18/16

New Tools for Mobile Groups; Publishers Join Forces on First Draft Network; Snapchat Says Bonjour; Business Insider Sees Success on Line

Issue #47 - 09/11/16

Hearst is Sweet on Snapchat; Medium is a Safety Net for Publishers; Verticals Launch


Issue #46 - 09/04/16

Audio Publishers Get Savvy on Echo; A Twitch How-To; I'm Media, You're Media, Who's Media??

Issue #45 - 08/28/16

The EU Wants to Protect News Publishers; My Chat from TECHMunch; Juanfutbol Poised to Win Big

Issue #44 - 08/21/16

Odyssey Achieves Scale by Tapping Contributor's Social Following; Join Me At TECHMunch; Fatherly Thrives

Issue #43 - 08/14/16

Time on Line; Amazon & Twitch Collab; French DJs Thrive on Platforms; Publishers Quick to Adopt IG Stories 

Issue #42 - 08/07/16

Hindustan Times goes Snap!; WNYC's 'Future of Social Audio'; The Information: Be Necessary 

Issue #41 - 07/31/16

6 Ways to Get Election News by Chat App; Vox Hackathon Focuses on Distributed Storytelling, BBC Three Finds Its Niche 

Issue #40 - 07/24/16

The WaPo Gets It's Groove Back; Distribution Drives Branded Content Innovation; YouTube Deals are Boring


Issue #39 - 07/17/16

Mr. Robot Gets Hacked; Fox Live Streams Prime Time; The Sports Media Race is On!

Issue #38 - 07/10/16:

Martha Wants Cash; Internet Stars Become 'Instant' Celebs; News Corp is Fed Up With Facebook

Issue #37 - 07/03/16:

What to Look for in a Platform; FT Stays Focused on Subscriptions; Brands Turn to Messaging Apps for New Opp's

Issue #36 - 06/26/16:

Anna Wintour: 'Aim High'; Publishers Debate Platforms; IoT Represents New Opportunities for Media

Issue #35 - 06/19/16:

Twitter for Snapchat Analytics; Join Me for 'The Attention Wars'; Brazil's Grupo RBS Includes Tablet with Digital Subscription

Issue #34 - 06/12/16: 

Student Journalism Gets Serious on Flipboard; Focuses on Serving its Audience

Issue #33 - 06/05/16:

Snapchat Spawns 'Sickhouse'; Sling Wins with NBA's 'Most Watched Game'; Digital Content Overload Leads to Print

Issue #32 - 05/29/16:

Websites are Cool Again; Publishers in a Facebook 'Death Grip'; Say Hello to Emoji News

Issue #31 - 05/22/16:

BILD is REALLY Into Facebook; Shane Smith's 'Bloodbath'; BBC Revisits Yik Yak

Issue #30 - 05/15/16:

The 'Godfather of Multimedia' Takes on Messaging; How to Get Your News by Chatbot; YouTube Launches 'Native Sharing'

Issue #29 - 05/08/16:

Bloomberg Faces Off; Buzzfeed's Secrets to Success; Instagram's Serious Side


Issue #28 - 05/01/16:

Vox and Mic to 'out-compete' legacy media; Top Gear crew road tests DriveTribe; New Facebook titles from & The Verge


Issue #27 - 04/24/16:

Copa90 Captures Football; NPR Tries Out Social Audio; Serious Advice for Publishers


Issue #26 - 04/17/16:

Media Focuses on Social Franchises; NY Mag Creates Audiograms; YouNow Live Streaming Platform


Issue #25 - 04/10/16:

Live Streaming Network Launches; The Smallest Screen; Buzzfeed Gets Nifty


Issue #24 - 04/03/16:

Comedy and Music Invade Streaming Video; Zines Make a Comeback; Snapchat Poised for World Domination


Issue #23 - 03/27/16:

LinkedIn Thrives as Publishing Platform; Comedy Central Broadcasts on Periscope; Live Streaming Explodes


Issue #22 - 03/20/16:

Entertainment Tonight's Platform Strategy; CNN Goes Big on Digital; Twitch's Julia Child Marathon


Issue #21 - 03/13/16:

Sports Roundup; Mic Gets Hyper; Live Streaming for Foodies


Issue #20 - 03/06/16:

20th Issue; People Mag Thrives on Snapchat; Bleacher Report Everywhere; Media Startups @ LAUNCH Festival


Issue #19 - 02/28/16:

Who's Hosting? The Future of Websites; NBC's Election Confession; Live from Scotland; Your Digital Gym


Issue #18 - 02/21/16:

The New Yorker's Video Magazine; CNN's Great Big Digital Play; AT&T Says 'Hello'; Social Media Card Game


Issue #17 - 02/14/16:

#SuperBowlHaiku; Email Thrives; Fusion Embraces Facebook Live; Snap Like a Boss


Issue #16 - 02/07/16:

Anonymous Love Stories; Fact Checking Makeover; Content Exchange Goes Social


Issue #15 - 01/31/16:

Global Publishers Share Focus on Platforms; The Economist Experiments on Line; Local Media Debates Distribution


Issue #14 - 01/24/16:

Storytelling on Snapchat; Upday News App; Sports Media Evolution


Issue #13 - 01/17/16:

Al Jazeera!?; Chat with Miss Piggy; Uber - Publishing Platform?; Apple's Counting Error 


Issue #12 - 01/10/16:

Twitter Upheaval; Snapchat Roundup; Big Media Growth; Good Housekeeping Goes Tech


Issue #11 - 01/03/16:

2016 Ins & Outs; Hearst Prez Issues New Years Letter; The 'Blogfather' Speaks


Issue #10 - 12/27/15: 

OTT Gains in 2015; Flipboard Update; News UK on Instant Articles


Issue #09 - 12/20/15: 

Publisher's New Mantra; Food Network Gets Hungry; Storytelling is Key


Issue #08 - 12/13/15: 

Become a JEDI; Facebook Int'l Struggles; Audiograms are Here


Issue #07 - 12/06/15: 

Publishers Embrace Instant Articles; Telemundo's Platform Growth, The Case for the Homepage


Issue #06 - 11/29/15: 

Fusion Staffs Up; Snapchat Tour; Bloomberg's Digital Approach


Issue #05 - 11/22/15: 

Snapchat Stories Attract Loyal Readers; New Fave The List App, Whistle Sports Sees Success


Issue #04 - 11/15/15: 

Messaging Takes Over; 'Sweet' Launch from Hearst; Free Reuters TV, Platform Creep


Issue #03 - 11/08/15: 

More News Apps; Facebook as Publisher Back-End; Snapchat Loosens Reins on Ads


Issue #02 - 11/01/15: 

2015 is ‘Year of Fragmentation;' WhatsApp experiment; New Jobs Emerge


Issue #01 - 10/25/15: 

Big Changes at Facebook; YouTube; CNN and Quartz Embrace Distribution

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